As part of our work BIPO Ltd has appointed KIWA to audit any of the varieties managed by BIPO Ltd

If a grower is selected for a audit then BIPO will write a letter giving notice. KIWI who will be conducting the audit will get in contact with the grower to organise a convenient time to visit and explain what they wish to inspect regarding paperwork and/or crop.

The audit will only concern any BIPO Ltd varieties a grower has purchased under any agreement and those of the same species crops. The audit is arranged so that it should not take up much of the growers time.

Reference: Clause 4 in the agreement
For the express purpose of auditing, monitoring and verifying compliance with this Agreement the Grower will permit an employee, officer, or authorised representative of BIPO to have access to the established crops of the varieties and to all documents relating to the use and disposal of seed of the varieties and the produce.

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